About Us

Here at Bangin Fairways we are dedicated to the game of golf and the community that surrounds it. We are a veteran owned and operated organization based in Oklahoma. All 4 founding members are veterans with multiple combat deployments and over 40 years of service between us. We started as a small group of friends that would Golf together and play local tournaments under the Bangin Fairways name. Folks that we interacted with enjoyed our name and the spirit we brought to the course, thus birthing the brand you see today.


What does that even mean? You may see this phrase on our social media, in or around our logos or just hiding in some of our product designs. This is a latin phrase that translates to "Until Eternity". To us, this captures the comradery that the military and the sport of golf has helped us build together, and we hope to build with you all in the Bangin Fairways community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with quality, great looking golf gear that supports local and veteran owned businesses. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our major products are either created by local small business owners or printed and shipped from here in the United States.

The Golf community is one that has welcomed us with open arms. Bangin Fairways strives to create its own community centered around the sport of Golf. Through peer to peer support and comradery our goal is to uplift our fellow golf enthusiasts and veterans alike.

  • Vernon

    Vernon handles all Business admin sides of the organization, from documentation to licensing he is our behind the scenes quiet professional.

  • Rami

    Rami is our Financial wizard. His uncanny level of frugality makes him the perfect bookkeeper for the business. He also assists in product design and development. Who wouldn't want that moustache on the team?

  • Michael

    Michael is our website aficionado. He takes care of the website maintenance, new product posting, product/design development and supplier/vendor communications.

  • Kyle

    Kyle is our tech guru. He specializes in reaching our audience and curating content for you all to enjoy, assists in website management and financial records keeping. A true jack of all trades.